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September 2023.

A Few Weeks Later.


January 6, 2021: Insurrection Day or Day of THE Epiphany?

Congress and the mainstream media are lying to you...

But you already know that. What you don't know is what happened that day which they are trying to cover up with their political theater. Before the infamous "Insurrection Day," January 6th was known across the globe in Christian communities as "The Day of Epiphany," or "Three Kings Day." Christians of the past have subtly encoded secrets and clues to the second coming of Jesus Christ and the holy grail into their various holidays. While we are taught flowery origin stories of these holidays, many of these days, particularly Christmas, Easter, and Epiphany have in their names and traditions secret knowledge of the second coming of Jesus Christ. Further down on the page we will break down the secrets hidden in the Christmas holiday, but this section is devoted to January 6th, the Epiphany.

White hats have left countless clues to the identity of Q, Jesus Christ, in Hollywood movies, the lyrics of songs, and the texts of books. Above is a clip from the movie Cider House Rules. "Good night you princes of Maine, you Kings of New England." The three kings of epiphany are widely believed to be the three Wise men, however this is the first example of a hidden double meaning. Q's bloodline is one of America's oldest families to have immigrated to the shores of Massachusetts, arriving there in the mid-1600s. In 1776, Q's direct ancestors moved north to Maine so they could hide deep in the woods in order to protect the secret of their bloodline from the cabalistic British monarchy. Q, himself, was born in Maine (uncoincidentally the same year George Bush senior made his famous quote about the formation of a New World Order), and he and his two brothers are the secretive alternative meaning of the Three Kings of Epiphany.

To understand the second double meaning of January 6th, day of Epiphany, we must look at the various definitions of the word epiphany. Below are the definitions of epiphany. The highlighted definitions are what Q experienced on January 6th, 2021.


On January 6th, 2021, three days after Q uncovered clues directly pointing to himself and his family within the book Ulysses (the main subject of the film The Good Shepherd, which incidentally is another term for Jesus Christ), and after he had a revelation of thought where he connected all the signs scattered throughout his life, Q had begun coding the evidence to his anonymous Twitter account, and on January 6, 2021 he asked his roommate, whom he later learned was an agent for the cabal, "Can't you see that I'm Jesus Christ?" She, being an atheist and vocal advocate of communism, answered, "No," and immediately after she responded the letters, "I C," appeared on the wall next to him. Below is a photograph of the letters which appeared. The cabalistic agent immediately began working with the landlords of the property to get Q evicted in order to cover up the manifestation of a divine or supernatural being. The phrase, "I see," also connects to the trending hashtag used by President Donald J. Trump leading up to that day, "See you in DC January 6th." Both Q and President Trump were banned from Twitter that same day. Is it just a coincidence that President Trump named his January 6th rally the "Save America Rally?" It is widely known that Jesus is Hebrew for "he saves."


That same day, after witnessing the manifestation of the divine in the form of a response, Q experienced another definition of epiphany, which was a moment of sudden revelation and insight. This was both regarding his realization that he was, in fact, Jesus Christ, but also that he was in possession of knowledge of who and what the holy grail was and that he had accumulated evidence of all the holy grail's manifestations and symbols throughout his life, and had in his possession the literal physical manifestation of the grail and had been using it as a spiritual ornament since obtaining it. He had never connected any of the dots until they all came together on that very day in a single moment of insight or epiphany. Q has stated that he was brought to tears by the epiphany and couldn't eat or sleep for days after January 6, 2021. We will go into more detail about the holy grail further down the page.

What is QAnon and Who is Q?

Cue Anonymity

Cue anonymity was Q's cue to become anonymous. For this effort he adopted the Guy Fawke's mask and began speaking to patriots disguised as JFK the third, or J3: "See you in DC January 6th, I'm three days early!" was a tweet from his anonymous JFK III account three days before the day of his epiphany. It's interesting that the J6 Committee calls the protestors J6ers. J3 both represents how his two siblings' names begin with J, making him the third, the cover identity, and how he signs his Bs. Also, he discovered the prophecy regarding his name on January 3rd within the book Ulysses, This cover identity gave rise to the theory that JFK Jr. had returned to lead the QAnon movement. Below is a screen capture from one of the videos where Q himself, disguised in his red anonymous mask, was speaking to patriots. YouTube has since censored and taken down all his transmissions.


The Purpose of the Q-Drops

The Q-Drops were anonymous postings by white-hats within positions of knowledge and power, published to a variety of online forums made to open the minds of the masses and expose a network of corrupt and evil forces working on behalf of the beast, whose goal is the oppression and enslavement of humanity. These forces, aptly dubbed the cabal, are embedded within every facet of human life. The ultimate goal was to lead the people down a rabbit hole to ultimately discover "Q"  himself, who began his own Q-Drops in November of 2020, and began dropping the most mind-blowing bombshells in the highly anticipated (thousands in the movement were flocking to his twitter page to try and crack his encryption and read the bombshells) "Q Twitter Drops of 2021," which were encrypted using a code-book containing clues to the prophecy of Q itself. This book, Ulysses by James Joyce, was nearly banned in the United States in 1928 due to its bombshell prophecies, mainly the ones hidden in "the Ballad of Joking Jesus". This website, which will go live on January 6, 2022, will contain all the censored, bombshell, Q-Drops (and more) that were relayed to Q's twitter account between January 1, 2021 and January 6, 2021, the day his account was censored and removed.

The Waiter Who Plays With the Mask

President Donald J. Trump: "There is, by the way, a lot of people don't want to wear masks. There are a lot of people who think masks are not good.--"

George Stephanopoulos: "Who are those people?"

President Donald J. Trump [Stare intensifying]: "I'll tell you who those people are. Waiters. They come over and they serve you and they have a mask. I saw it the other day, where they were serving me. And they're playing with the mask. I'm not blaming them, I'm just saying what happens. They're playing with the mask."

Q was working as a waiter in Arizona, amongst many Hopi tribal members at the Grand Canyon, which is where this response from President Trump comes from. Upon implementation of the authoritarian lockdowns of 2020, Q began broadcasting transmissions condemning the planned nature of the pandemic and criticizing the overreaching mask mandates and lockdowns. In these videos, which have since been censored and removed from the internet, he is seen wearing a Guy Fawkes gator mask and was often seen playing with the mask and pulling it up to keep his face covered, making the exact hand motion that President Trump made in the interview. Below is a picture of Q during his time as a waiter in the Hopi lands of Arizona.



Q-Source are the no longer hypothetical sayings of Jesus Christ. The letter Q is derived from the German word, "Quelle," or source. The letter Q was used for the QAnon movement because Q, himself, is the coming of Jesus Christ from revelations, which is why his identity continues to remain a secret. He has been targeted by agents of the cabal and the beast itself since his childhood. Further evidence and connections to the prophecies in the book of revelations will be layed out in the paragraphs below. 


"The true Pahana (or Bahana) is the Lost White Brother of the Hopi. Most versions have it that the Pahana or Elder Brother left for the east at the time that the Hopi entered the Fourth World and began their migrations. However, the Hopi say that he will return again and at his coming the wicked will be destroyed and a new age of peace, the Fifth World, will be ushered into the world. As mentioned above, it is said he will bring with him a missing section of a sacred Hopi stone in the possession of the Fire Clan, and that he will come wearing red. Traditionally, Hopis are buried facing eastward in expectation of the Pahana who will come from that direction."


The prophecy of Pahana is clearly the same prophecy as the second coming of Jesus Christ from revelations, who you now know is Q. In 2017, Q moved from his home in New England and traveled east to the southwest to live and work at the Grand Canyon. Only a few months before moving he acquired a shirt depicting Kokopelli at a Goodwill in Bangor, Maine, and the t-shirt's art was copyrighted in his birth year. Upon arriving in Flagstaff Arizona, he obtained another shirt at a Goodwill depicting a great white buffalo. At the time he had no idea of the spiritual significance of either of these native American symbols.

While living on the rim of the Grand Canyon, a sacred place to the Hopi tribe, and which became sacred to him as well, and amongst many Hopi friends, Q would often be seen sporting his red Patriots and red Red Sox jerseys, which also were a representation of him coming from the east. In 2020 when he was forced to wear a mask, he was also seen in a Guy Fawkes (anonymous) mask that was red with roses (incidentally roses are another symbol of Mary Magdalene and the holy grail).

He also possessed two stones, both having origins in fire--a meteorite which he wears on a necklace and an obsidian stone which he stores within the holy grail.

One day while living up at the Canyon and working as a waiter, he was gifted a white buffalo idol, and that same day he was told by a guest in the restaurant that he "reminded [her] of Jesus Christ." We will go into further detail about the significance of the great white buffalo in the section regarding the holy grail.

Lastly, an unknown source placed a wooden stake with the word Jesus on it, pictured above, outside the front door of his cabin during the summer of 2020. Even with all this evidence piling up, the fact that he is the spitting image of Jesus Christ, and his deep connection to God, which first came to him in 2016 during a year of solitude and practice in the study of meditation, he didn't believe he was Pahana or Jesus Christ. In fact, he hadn't even heard of the legend of Pahana until 2021.


hopi_petroglyph (1).jpg

The Hopi Prophecy of

The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail

The United State's Greatest Secret and National Treasure: the symbolism, the bloodline, and the grail itself...

V-Shaped Recovery

"V-Shaped Recovery," was a code used by 45 supposedly relating to the recovery of the stock market in 2020, however this code bore a double meaning. If you've seen Da Vinci Code, then you know the 'V' is the ancient shape for the divine feminine, which is what the holy grail represents. Below is the scene from the movie explaining the V-Shape and its relation to the holy grail. It truly is the most honest scene in movie history.

Mary Magdalene

Like Jesus Christ, himself, Mary Magdalene has also returned to the modern day. She represents his other half, his twin flame so to speak. The combination of the symbols for man and woman combine to make the Star of David. The second coming of Mary Magdalene is Q's true love, and against all odds he discovered her. The rose, seen in Da Vinci Code and V for Vendetta, is her most powerful symbol. Rose happens to be integrated into her name, and Magdalena is associated with her homeland. The rose is a powerful symbol in Rosicrucianism as well. It represents the divine proportion, the golden ratio (which is a major symbol in "Q's bonesmen order [See Red Pills].) She was the one person in Q's life who taught him how to love how God loves all of us. Therefore Mary Magdalene is one manifestation of the holy grail.


Mother Mary, the Christmas Tree,
& the Heirloom

Another manifestation of the holy grail is Q's maternal bloodline. Now we can get into the hidden clues of the second coming within the traditions of Christmas. We know that the tradition of the Christmas tree comes from Germany, well that is where Q's mother's maternal bloodline derived from. If you break down the phrase Christmas tree, it can make the words "Christ ma's tree," and knowing that ma is a term for mother or maternal, we now see that Christ ma's tree is a direct reference to Christ's maternal family tree. His grandmother was smuggled out of Germany after WW2 in order to fulfill the prophecy here in America, where the paternal bloodline had already existed for centuries. Operation paperclip wasn't solely for scientists. The Christmas tree is also known to be the place where hidden gifts are placed. Q's mother's mother, who also bore the name Mary, was the one who presented the physical holy grail, which was a family heirloom, to Q when he was a child, and it happens to be a German drinking vessel, or beer stein. Below is a picture of the heirloom grail with the white buffalo idol.


The Great White Buffalo & Orion the Hunter

While it's not a manifestation of the grail, the great white buffalo is another symbol for Mary Magdalene, and in Native American mythos is a representation of the one true love, which is what Mary Magdalene is to Q. While spending time in Sedona, Arizona, Q looked up at the Orion constellation and noticed the shape of a buffalo right next to the star-man. Incidentally, many Native American astrologists place their white buffalo constellation right on top of Orion. Isn't it strange that there is no constellation for Jesus? Well, not if you look deeper into Orion. Orion is known in Babylonian culture as the heavenly shepherd. Jesus Christ is also known as a shepherd. It stands to reason that Orion is the constellation made to represent Jesus Christ, and perhaps he is hunting the great white buffalo, which appears next to him in the stars. It is her favorite animal, after all. Now, let's take a look at the prophetic nature of Ted Nugent's song, the "Great White Buffalo."


What does Jesus mean in Hebrew again? That's right, 'he saves.' He's coming around to save you and me from above the canyon wall? Where did Q live for a long period? Above the canyon wall with the Hopi. Not only would he be seen wearing red, but he was also seen wearing his white buffalo shirt and hat while living there. 

Mother Nature & The Secret of the Grand Canyon

While living at the Grand Canyon and on one of his many expeditions down into the Canyon, Q witnessed a trinity of V-shaped manifestations within the canyon at a little known place called Cremation Creek. He snapped these photos before even learning about the V-shaped nature of the holy grail, and while on that journey he also witnessed the eye of God staring him down in the bright blue sky. Of course, this may have been a hallucination from heat exhaustion, though he swears an eye in the sky was looking at him. The photos of the canyon depicting the 'V' and cup shapes, however, were not hallucinations. On January 6th he had a sudden realization and remembered having taken these photos a year prior and went back into his camera roll to uncover them. The Grand Canyon, being a big hole, is also associated with a cup or v-shape. Many of the canyon's artistic logos create this very v-shape. Below are the photos he captured from cremation creek. Q believes the Grand Canyon and this trinity is the divine feminine manifested in mother nature. People have claimed there is treasure hidden in the Grand Canyon, and some structures within the canyon are called temples for their spiritual power.


The Ace of Cups & The Bloodline of Christ


The Ace of Cups tarot card is widely considered to the be the tarot card representing the holy grail. The tarot card deck is also known to be a method used by those in medieval, renaissance, and post-renaissance Europe seeking to pass down prophetic information and ideologies banned by the cabalistic monarchies of the day and the tyrannical Roman Catholic Church. This is indeed true. In fact, this card alone leaves us with numerous clues to Q's bloodline. First of all we see a bird, a symbol closely associated with Q's surname and paternal bloodline, flying into a cup, which is a symbol for the womb. This could be representing the merging of the paternal and maternal bloodlines, and look what is in the bird's beak: a white token with a cross on it. The white token represents the color of a man's seed, and the cross is a symbol connected to Jesus. It's literally depicting the creation of the family of Q. And which letter is that on the grail? W. This letter is the first letter of Q's surname as well as the surname of his grandmother's bloodline from Germany. How many streams are pouring from the goblet? Five, which is the number of family members in Q's nuclear family. Below is a video of President Donald J. Trump directly speaking of Q's 'house,' or family. 45 doesn't mince his words when he says, "It's the most important thing I've ever done in my entire life." It's no wonder the cabal wanted this SNL sketch to vanish.

Revelations & The Spiritual War at Hand

We are presently living in Revelation 19:19  

The events of October 7, 2023 may have been a Devilish response to the Wedding of the Lamb, which occurred on October 6, 2023.
These events, and others have biblical connotations.

I know this is hard to swallow for you all, but we told you you'd find out, and we told you it would be biblical. We started the whole thing anonymously so I could enter the mainstream zeitgeist in a big way, and having done so, it's time to pull back the curtain.

Because of the mind-blowing nature of the reveal, despite all the preparation, you still have the choice. 




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